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How to read your bill

Bill page 1

Your energy bills are packed with useful information about your energy usage and costs. We’ve created this quick guide to make reading your bill a breeze. 

Bill page 1

Get in touch

The best way to get in-touch for general enquiries, help and support, and for faults and emergencies.

Your details

Your customer and account numbers are shown in this area for easy reference. You’ll need these details if you speak with us over the phone or engage with us online.


View your total bill amount and any discounts (if applicable), and the bill due date.

Are you better off on another plan? 

Always check this box as we could alert you to a better offer. We’re constantly cross referencing your account with our other plans. So, if you could be on a better, cheaper plan, we’ll let you know.

How to pay

Understand our flexible ways to pay your bill, easily and securely.


Supply service charges

Charged by your energy distributor to get the energy to you and for maintenance of poles and wires. 


A government discount, grant or rebate applied to eligible customers’ bills.

Daily averages

Here’s a quick glance at your energy profile. Knowing how you’ve used energy helps you manage usage in the future.

Your energy plan

An overview of your plan and benefits is included so you can be quickly reassured you’ve made the right choices

Break it down

We break down the numbers, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. All your energy charges simply laid out for you to explain how we’ve calculated your bill.


Invoice ID

This ID number is unique to each bill so we can tell which bill you are paying or contacting us about.  


The national identifier for your property – NMI for electricity meters, MIRN for gas meters.

Meter read type

  • Actual (A): Your meter provider got real consumption data from your meter, either remotely or through visiting your property.
  • Estimated (E): Your meter provider was unable to get an actual read from your meter, usually due to not having safe or easy access. Instead, they have provided a reading based off your past usage.
  • Substitute (S): Your meter provider was unable to get an actual read from your meter, and provided a reading based on an average of your consumption for a similar period.

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