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Credits and Refunds

Find out why your account may be in credit and learn how to request a refund. 

Is my account in credit?

If your account is in credit, you will see ‘CR’ next to your account balance on page one of your bill.

Visit our Bill Tour to learn more about reading your energy bills.

How do I request a refund?

Download and complete our Refund Request form.

Submit your completed form online.

Or post to: GPO Box 4408, Melbourne, VIC 3001

We’ll send you an SMS to let you know when your request has been received. 
It can take a few days for your refund to reach your account. Please allow up to:

  • Credit card, PayPal – 3 business days
  • Bank account – 4 business days
  • BPAY – 14 business days

Your refund will be processed using the same method you used to make the payment. Payments made via AusPost, CentrePay, Cheque, Solar Credits, Account Credits and any other miscellaneous payments can be refunded to your bank account.

Why is my account in credit?

There are a few reasons your account might be in credit, including:

  1. You have paid than the amount owing
  2. The amounts you paid were based on estimated usage
  3. Your solar feed-in tariffs are more than your electricity consumption


Download our refund request form

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