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Are you on the best plan?

Our flexible energy plans make energy affordable for any home. We’ll regularly assess your plan to ensure you're on the most affordable electricity and gas deal based on your usage or preferences.  

If we find an alternative ENGIE plan that will save you money, we'll let you know on your bill. If you're on the best deal, we'll tell you that too.

Changing your ENGIE plan online is fast, secure and easy to do. 

How to change your plan

  1. Visit our compare plans page.
  2. Find the plan you want to change to and click ‘Select Plan’.
  3. Select ‘Existing Customer’.
  4. Enter your customer number (see page 1 of your bill), postcode and date of birth.
  5. Select ‘Change My Plan’.
  6. Complete the checkout and update any other details you need to.
  7. Sit back, relax and enjoy being on the ENGIE plan that works best for you. 
  8. It’s that simple.

Find the best energy plan

View our energy plans and rates to find what's best for you. 

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