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Solar FiT Terms Acceptance

Terms and Conditions

Ready to power up the value of your solar? To receive your solar feed in credits, simply read and accept the following terms and we will take care of the rest.

These Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Feed-In Terms (“FIT Terms”) form part of your Agreement for the sale of Energy and are the conditions applying separately to your Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Feed-In, except as explicitly stated herein.

These FIT Terms will amend certain terms of your original Agreement. This is primarily to facilitate the transition of your account to solar, but it will also update your Agreement to be in line with the current Market Contract terms set out here. 

Pursuant to your Agreement your Distributor may charge for their services provided to enable your PV Feed-In, accordingly we will pass through any such charges to you.  For further information on these charges, please contact your Distributor. 

All words appearing in capital letters in these FIT Terms have the same meaning as defined in the current Market Contract, unless defined herein.

  1. Feed-In Tariffs

    1.1. If you have a solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed at your Premises and an electricity Agreement with us, we may pay you a feed-in tariff for any excess electricity your system generates and exports to the electricity grid pursuant to these terms. Your initial feed-in tariff(s) may be included in the Energy Plan Details, or the Details Feed-In Electricity herein.

    1.2. There are two types of feed-in tariffs:
    (a) a voluntary feed-in tariff which we pay, which may be under an Energy Plan;
    (b) a feed-in tariff that we’re required to pay under Law.

    1.3. If we pay you a feed-in tariff (which may be one or both of the types in clause 1.2), you’ll see the amount on your electricity bill.

    1.4. For feed-in tariffs payable under Law, we may vary the amount of your feed-in tariff, and let you know about the change, in accordance with Laws. We can stop providing you with the feed-in tariff, if you’re no longer eligible for the feed-in tariff, the relevant feed-in tariff scheme ends or we’re allowed to do so under Law.

    1.5. If we pay you a voluntary feed-in tariff pursuant to these terms we can vary or end the feed-in tariff in accordance with these FIT Terms or any time by notice to you in accordance with Laws.

    1.6. If we’ve overpaid you a feed-in tariff, we may recover from you the relevant amount on the same basis we may recover undercharged amounts under your Agreement. We’ll deduct any overpaid feed-in tariff amount from any feed-in tariff amounts payable under your next bill(s).

    1.7. Title to the excess electricity that you export to the grid passes to us at the Supply Point.

    1.8. We can disconnect (or arrange for your Distributor to disconnect) your solar PV system if we’re entitled to disconnect the Premises under the Agreement. You must co-operate and assist us (or your Distributor) in relation to any Disconnection.

    1.9. You agree that:
    (a) it’s your Distributor, not us, who connects your solar PV system to the Distribution Network and who will maintain that connection;
    (b) your Distributor is responsible for taking the excess electricity that you export to the electricity grid;
    (c) when the supply of Energy to your Premises is interrupted, so too will the supply of your excess electricity to the grid; and
    (d) we’re not liable to you in respect of any of these matters.

    1.10. You are responsible for all risks in respect of the control and use of the solar PV system and electricity on your side of the Supply Point.

    1.11. Additional terms that apply to your feed-in tariff are included in your Energy Plan Details.
  2. Details Feed-In Electricity
    2.1. Where you meet the required Eligibility criteria, one of the below “Details Feed-In Electricity” terms will also apply to your solar photovoltaic (PV) feed in:

    New South Wales
    New South Wales - Solar Bonus Scheme
    South Australia
    Queensland - Solar Bonus Scheme
  3. Changes to Charges in your Agreement
    3.1. We may change your Charges if:
    (a) information used to set the Charges set out in your Details is incorrect (e.g. the address of your Premises or your meter type);
    (b) a new meter type is installed at your Premises;
    (c) you install or have installed a solar photovoltaic (PV), battery storage or other system at your Premises, or take up an offer which requires network tariff modification; or
    (d) your Distributor changes the network tariff for your Premises.

    3.2. We may also change your Charges, or apply a new Charge, for any reason.

    3.3 If we change your Charges, including the amount, nature and structure, or apply a new Charge, we’ll let you know in accordance with Laws, which may be by a message on your bill.
  4. Varying these FIT Terms and/or your Agreement
    4.1. We can vary these FIT Terms and/or your Agreement if:
    (a) we give you 20 Business Days’ notice of the variation; and
    (b) you accept the change by not ending the Agreement during that notice period.

    4.2. We may also vary these FIT Terms and/or your Agreement by giving you notice if we need to because the Laws change.
  5. Terminating these FIT Terms and/or your Agreement
    5.1. We may terminate these FIT Terms and/or your Agreement early if:
    (a) you no longer meet any or all of the relevant eligibility criteria as set out in the Details Feed-In Electricity; or
    (b) we give you at least 20 Business Days’ notice.

    5.2. There are no exit fees and you may terminate these FIT Terms and/or your Agreement at any time by giving us at least 20 Business Days’ notice before your next billing cycle date.

    5.3. If these FIT Terms are terminated early, whether by you or by us, your Agreement will continue in accordance with those term unless otherwise specified.

    5.4. These FIT Terms will automatically end if your Agreement has ended with us in accordance with your Agreement (e.g. transferring to another retailer, disconnection, etc.).