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Manage your account and energy plan online

Managing your account and energy plan is easy with MyENGIE, ENGIE's online account tool and mobile app.

Track your usage

Surprises and energy bills typically don't go well together. You can monitor your electricity, gas and solar usage through MyENGIE, and make informed decisions about using energy in your home or business to reduce costs. You'll also minimise your carbon footprint by finding clever ways to reduce your energy use. MyENGIE puts the power to plan in the palm of your hand - and the savings back in your pocket. 

Quick and easy payments

Paying your bills with MyENGIE is quick and easy, and you don't have to wait for bills to arrive in your inbox or mailbox. MyENGIE lets you receive bills instantly, pay securely in a couple of clicks and set up a direct debit for future payments. And you'll always receive real-time receipts for peace of mind. 

Provide a self service meter read

If you have a basic meter, you can submit a meter read through MyENGIE and request that your bill be adjusted based on the self-service meter read you provide. 

Update your details

MyENGIE makes changing your details easy. You can view and update your phone number, email address, default payment method, energy plan and more.  

Sign up for MyENGIE

Ready to make the switch to MyENGIE?

  • Download the ENGIE app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or access MyENGIE online.
  • Register with your ENGIE customer number (on page 1 of your bill).
  • Log in and get started. 

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