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Moving connection fees and charges

If you're moving into a new property, your distributor may charge an electricity or gas connection, disconnection or meter reading fees. These fees are based on location, not your choice of provider. However, as ENGIE incurs these fees on your behalf, the charges will appear on your ENGIE bill.

Click on your state below to see your distributor's fees and learn more about electricity and gas connection, disconnection and metering services. 

Fees and charges explained:

  • Reconnection fee
    Charged when the property you’re moving to has been disconnected. Your distributor will need to reconnect the power supply before you move in.  


  • Disconnection fee
    Charged when your you need to disconnect the power at your old address. By disconnecting, you ensure you don’t pay any ongoing energy supply costs for your old property. 


  • Connection/disconnection fee (remote)
    Charged when the distributor can safely connect or disconnect a property without having to physically visit the home or building. Remote connection/disconnection is enabled by smart meter technology and is currently available for electricity customers in Victoria only. 


  • Special read fee
    Charged when the distribution company needs to come to your property and manually read your meter and access is difficult (because of a locked gate, or a dog stopping access). This fee also applies to reading basic meters that are being transferred to another account. 


  • Final read fee 
    A meter read taken in order to calculate your final bill when you move out. 


New South Wales

Distributor: Ausgrid

Reconnection fee$13.40
Disconnection fee$48.04
Special read fee$13.40


Distributor: Endeavour Energy

Reconnection fee$77.50
Disconnection fee$77.50
Special read fee$45.71


Distributor: Essential Energy

Reconnection fee$58.40
Disconnection fee$65.90
Special read fee$21.50


Distributor: Ausnet

Reconnection fee$22.04
Reconnection fee (remote)$7.54
Disconnection fee$42.42
Disconnection fee (remote)$7.54
Special read fee$22.04


Distributor: CitiPower

Reconnection fee$41.39
Reconnection fee (remote)$12.05
Disconnection fee$41.95
Disconnection fee (remote)$12.05
Special read fee$33.99


Distributor: Jemena

Reconnection fee$56.73
Reconnection fee (remote)$11.46
Disconnection fee$81.35
Disconnection fee (remote)$11.46
Special read fee$54.66


Distributor: Powercor

Reconnection fee$61.24
Reconnection fee (remote)$12.10
Disconnection fee$65.09
Disconnection fee (remote)$12.10
Special read fee$53.76


Distributor: United Energy

Reconnection fee$57.37
Reconnection fee (remote)$12.28
Disconnection fee$57.37
Disconnection fee (remote)$12.28
Special read fee$26.94

South Australia

Distributor: SA Power Networks

Reconnection fee


Disconnection fee


Special read fee



Distributor: Energex

Reconnection fee


Special read fee


Australian Capital Territory

Distributor: Evoenergy

Reconnection fee


Disconnection fee


Special read fee



New South Wales

Distributor: Jemena

Disconnection fee$112.20
Special read fee$12.54
Final read fee$16.28


Distributor: Multinet

Reconnection fee$100.10
Disconnection fee$85.80
Final read fee$11.00

South Australia

Distributor: Australian Gas Networks

Reconnection fee$81.40
Disconnection fee$81.40
Final read fee$11.88

Western Australia

Distributor: ATCO

Reconnection fee$34.84
Disconnection fee$64.05
Special read fee$16.71
Final read fee$14.78

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