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Request for permanent meter removal

This guide will help you prepare your application to permanently remove a gas or electricity meter from your property.

Any requirements and costs for meter abolishment will depend on who your energy distributor is. You can find the details for your distributor on page one of your energy bill, in the ‘Get in Touch’ section.

Disconnection of supply vs permanent meter abolishment

A disconnection of supply can be requested when your electricity or gas service is not in use – for example, if your property is vacant. The meter will remain onsite, and supply can be recommenced when requested without the need for a new connection. Note: Keeping the meter onsite will still attract daily service charges, even if supply is disconnected. 

A meter abolishment is generally requested when the service lines or physical meter need to be removed. This usually happens when a property is being renovated or demolished. To arrange a meter abolishment, you must be the property owner.

Preparing your application

To arrange permanent removal of an electricity or gas meter (meter abolishment), you’ll need to submit the following information:

  • Proof of ownership – For example, a rate notice. 
  • Photos – Take one or two clear photos of your meter, making sure your meter number is visible. 
  • Your NMI (National Metering Identifier) for electricity meters – found on page one of your bill. 
  • MIRN (Meter Identification Reference Number) for gas meters - found on page one of your bill.
  • Make sure the address (where you want the meter removed) matches the ‘supply address’ on your bill. 

For electricity meter removal (abolishment) in Victoria: 

  • If the property is located in Victoria, a VESI form will need to be completed by a registered builder or electrician. 
  • You’ll need to submit the completed VESI form with your application

Submitting your application

Your application for permanent removal of a meter can be submitted via our online form. For the category, select ‘My meter’, then ‘Follow up on my request’. 

You must remember to attach: 

  • A photo(s) of your meter number 
  • Proof of ownership (such as a rate notice) 

VESI form fully completed by your builder or electrician (Victoria only)

Fees and charges

Any fees for meter abolishment will be charged by your energy distributor, and the amount will depend on the fuel type and where you live. ENGIE will collect any fees on behalf of your distributor, and these will be displayed on your ENGIE bill. 

ENGIE does not charge fees for meter abolishment. 

For further information, please contact us.

When will my meter be abolished?

Our team will check your application details are correct and issue a work order to your distributor. 

The timeframe will vary depending on your distributor. Completion of a meter abolishment typically takes up to 20 business days from when the property is vacant and a work order has been issued.

Staying on time

  • Make sure your application includes all information listed above. 
  • Make sure the meter can be accessed safely, and the property is free of rubbish or hazards. If your meter is not accessible, fees may apply, and the meter removal may be rescheduled. 
  • It’s a good idea to factor in additional time for any building work that is dependent on removal of the meter.

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