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Metering installation timeframes

Smart Meter installation  

Whether you are a new or existing customer of ENGIE, we make installing your new smart meter easy.  

You can find information about the pre-conditions and time needed for meter installation below. 

General preconditions 

  1. You have entered into an agreement with ENGIE for the meter to be installed.
  2. The proposed site for the meter is safe, accessible and ready.
  3. Your electricity distributor has connected your property to the grid (new connections only). 

Additional preconditions

If connection work is required, the following conditions are required: 

  1. You have met the conditions required to comply with your connection contract with your electricity distributor.
  2. Your electricity distributor has completed any alterations required to the electricity supply at your property. 

When will work be completed? 

We’ll work with you to install or upgrade your Smart Meter by an agreed date that suits you.

Should we be unable to agree on a date with you, the following installation time frames will apply. 

New Connections 

If you’ve requested a new electricity connection and have met the preconditions, we’ll install your meter once the property is connected to the grid, unless otherwise agreed with you.  

South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland: 6 business days

Victoria: 10 business days 

Upgrading to a Smart Meter - simple exchange 

We’ll upgrade your meter within 15 business days of your request, unless otherwise agreed with you. 

Upgrading to a Smart Meter - connection work required 

South Australian, Queensland and New South Wales customers only.

If your electricity distributor needs to make alterations to your electricity supply and the preconditions have been met, we’ll upgrade your meter within 15 business days of your request, unless otherwise agreed with you. 


For more information about smart meter installation, contact us.

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