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GreenPower purchases support renewable energy

By purchasing GreenPower, you help to support the renewable energy sector in Australia. This is because the GreenPower Generator not only receives the wholesale electricity price for the renewable energy it provides to the grid, but also the bulk of any premium paid for GreenPower. The National GreenPower Accreditation Program accredits GreenPower products to ensure that participating consumers' contributions are used to purchase electricity from approved renewable resources.

As well as driving investment in Australia's renewable energy sector, households and businesses that purchase GreenPower are reducing their impact on the environment, because the GreenPower energy they purchase is certified renewable energy that has zero net greenhouse gas emissions.

Importantly, this renewable energy is additional to the amount of renewable energy already in the grid as mandated by government requirements – such as the Renewable Energy Target.

GreenPower is independently accredited

The National GreenPower Accreditation Program sets the rules for GreenPower products and independently audits ENGIE's GreenPower sales and purchases and GreenPower generator's operations to make sure they are meeting the accreditation criteria. To gain accreditation, ENGIE has met a series of strict requirements and earned the right to use the GreenPower 'tick' of approval.

State governments around Australia have teamed up to run the National GreenPower Accreditation Program. The program includes government representatives from the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

Because GreenPower meets the highest environmental standards, the 'tick' logo is used to indicate the renewable energy you are purchasing is the best choice for the environment. An accredited GreenPower product will always carry the 'tick' label. These labels tell you the amount of accredited GreenPower your energy retailer is purchasing on your behalf, as a percentage of your electricity usage. 100% means that your energy supplier purchases renewable energy from accredited GreenPower sources to the amount equal to all of your electricity usage.

GreenPower contributes to the national grid

GreenPower renewable electricity is generated at a range of sites across Australia and supplied to the national electricity grid. Homes and businesses are connected to the same grid to access electricity. When we buy electricity generated by GreenPower generators on your behalf, this renewable energy is transmitted to the national electricity grid that also supplies your home or business.

Further information about GreenPower

Further information about GreenPower is available from the National GreenPower Accreditation Program's website at

Learn more about GreenPower

You can learn more about GreenPower from the National GreenPower Accreditation Program's website. 

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