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Simply Assured terms and conditions

Our “Simply Assured” promise is intended to give you comfort that you have made the right decision to switch to our ENGIE Saver Assured plan. Our promise is that if your average annual unit rate of energy over your first year with ENGIE Saver Assured is higher than the average annual rate that applied in the previous 12 months from your previous retailer, we’ll credit you the difference. 

How it works

At the end of your first year with ENGIE, we’ll let you know that it’s time to do the ‘Simply Assured’ check. You’ll need to provide us with your bills from the previous 12 months with your old retailer in pdf form via our website for each fuel that you want compared (electricity and/or gas). 

For each fuel, we’ll do the calculations, and if your average annual unit rate is higher with ENGIE Saver Assured compared with your old retailer, we’ll take the difference in the annual average unit rate, multiply that rate by your consumption with us and reimburse you that amount as a bill credit on your following bill. The annual average unit rate is the total energy charges (supply charges + usage charges) divided by the amount of energy consumed (kWh for electricity, MJ for gas) over the year.  

For example if you consumed 10kWh in the previous 12 months and paid $10 in usage and supply charges for this with your previous retailer, your old average unit rate was $1 per kWh over the 12 months.  If you consumed 15kWh over the 12 months with us and paid $18 in usage and supply charges, your new average unit rate is $1.2 per kWh over the first 12 months with ENGIE .  In this instance the difference in average annual unit rates ($0.2 per kWh) would be multiplied by your consumption with us of 15kWh and would entitle you to a $3 credit.

Please see the terms and conditions below for more details. 

Terms and conditions

  • The bills from your old retailer must be provided to us within 6 months after your first anniversary with ENGIE for a comparison to be made. We will not accept bills for a comparison after that time.
  • Only one ‘Simply Assured’ claim can be made per fuel.
  • For new residential and small business customers only in NSW on our ENGIE Saver Assured, ENGIE Business Saver Assured or ENGIE SOHO Saver Assured plan.
  • Your premises must not have changed in the final 12 months with your previous retailer. Your electricity and/or gas account with ENGIE must be for the same premises as with your previous retailer. If you change premises when switching to ENGIE or during your first 12 months with ENGIE, you will not be eligible for any ‘Simply Assured’ credits.
  • The comparison only applies to electricity and gas usage and supply charges after pay-on time discounts, guaranteed discounts or direct debit discounts have been applied.  It does not take into account government concessions, special or once off bonus payments, account credits, feed-in tariffs, and any other credits, discounts, vouchers, payments or other benefits.
  • Electricity and gas plans relating to embedded networks, bulk hot water, PPAs, solar energy, battery deals and EV deals are excluded.
  • Your previous retailer must be a licensed electricity and/or gas retailer authorised by the Australian Energy Regulator. 
  • 'Simply Assured’ credits are not available if there has been a significant change in your circumstances in the final 12 months with your previous retailer or during your first year with ENGIE, such as installing or removing a solar PV system or battery, a change in meter or a change in tariff type (eg from Flat tariff to Time of Use tariff).
  • You must have an active account with ENGIE for the relevant fuel in order to receive any ‘Simply Assured’ credit.
  • Any credits applied by ENGIE are GST inclusive.
  • This offer ends on 12 January 2021, unless withdrawn earlier. 

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