Our Global Strategy

A low-carbon world is one of our core global strategies. As a leader in the energy generation industry, we take our commitment to the environment seriously.

We’re working towards this by diversifying our generation capacity and focusing on investing in renewable energy. We also create smarter, safer and more sustainable environments through our technologically progressive, efficient service solutions.

ENGIE has divested all high carbon, emissions intensive generation facilities in the Asia Pacific region.

Our Activities

ENGIE came to Australia in 1986 and since then we have become one of the nation's market leaders in the energy generations. We operate generations assets in South Australia and Western Australia delivering a combined 1000MW electricity from our five power generation locations.

Willogoleche and Canunda are two wind farms that represent ENGIE's commitment to power generations from energy resources. Pelican Point is one of the Australia's most advanced energy efficient and environmentally friendly power stations, while Kwinana and Synergen also have the future of Australia in mind as they work towards minimising waste while enhancing efficiency.


Winning with wind - clean, limitless and economical

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An inexhaustible low-carbon energy source

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Hazelwood Rehabilitation

The Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project is located in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, near the town of Morwell. Rehabilitation and demolition activities to transition the site to a low carbon future and to support new commercial and recreation uses began in 2017, following the closure of the former Hazelwood Mine and Power Station.

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