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ENGIE AHA Partnership

An Industry Scale aggregated Renewable Power Purchase Agreement 

A ground- breaking partnership

ENGIE and its Australian retail arm have partnered with the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) to create the world’s first industry-scale renewable energy offer.


How it works

By aggregating the electricity consumption of participating AHA members along with anchor partner Lion Brewery, ENGIE can offer medium-sized customers similar benefits to their big business counterparts. The retail load of hundreds of hotels and pubs is combined and participating businesses can access potential savings and greater price certainty by signing up to a power purchase agreement (PPA) through our retail arm, Simply Energy.


Benefits to our customers

Under this PPA, AHA members are expected to see on average a decrease from 11.5c per kWh to 6.9c per kWh, a 40% saving per annum.

In addition to the potential for substantial cost savings for participating AHA venues in NSW and the ACT, members will be able to actively promote their renewable energy credentials to their customers.


Supporting Renewable Energy

Not only does the partnership offer real cost benefits to hundreds of businesses, the 10-year deal will help to underwrite the construction of new renewable energy projects.

ENGIE is committed to a future powered by renewable energy and we’re exploring all kinds of innovative solutions to achieve this goal.

Often in business, steps taken to improve efficiency come at a cost, requiring an initial investment to be paid back over the long term. But PPAs require no upfront investment by the customer and the savings and benefits to the environment start at day one.

The successful development of the aggregated PPA in partnership with the AHA and Lion is one example of our forward-thinking leadership and innovation. The deal brings to life ENGIE’s core strategy to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy.


“This is a ground-breaking deal which will help break the back of high electricity prices paid by our members while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint,”

Scott Leach, 
Australian Hotels Association national and NSW President


“Our customers are at the heart of this project, and Lion is focused on helping hotels right across NSW thrive. Like all businesses, pubs are feeling the pinch of rising energy costs. In addition to striking a better deal for many hotels in NSW and the ACT, this aggregated PPA will allow Lion to reduce its carbon emissions in the state of NSW by 40 per cent,"

James Brindley, 
Lion Managing Director


What's next?

Our partnership with the AHA and Lion is a ground-breaking arrangement, signalling a turning point in electricity pricing for members and a significant step towards moving the NSW and ACT hotel industry to renewable energy.

If you think your business would benefit from a renewable PPA, contact us today.