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We give our team our best energy offer to show our appreciation

Guaranteed to beat our best!

We value our employees and their hard work. As a token of our appreciation, we're pleased to offer ENGIE ANZ staff an exceptional deal on their electricity and gas, which is guaranteed to beat our best customer offer in-market at the same time.

Our commitment to the best price

ENGIE ANZ commits to providing staff with a 15% discount on our best publicly available market offer on your gas and electricity usage rate and daily supply charge. To ensure our staff offer is always the best ENGIE ANZ plan open to you, we commit to reviewing the offer every 12 months (when the regulated VDO/ DMO changes).  

Once you sign up, you won’t have to do anything to keep being rewarded with the best discounts on your electricity and gas as long as you are still an employee of ENGIE Australia.  

Compare for yourself

We encourage you to review the ENGIE ANZ staff offer against your current plan. We’ve outlined a few steps on how to compare your percentage discount, rates per kWh and daily supply charge in our FAQ section below.

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    Our energy plans are certified by Climate Active

    All energy sold from January 1, 2021 is certified carbon neutral by Climate Active. Climate Active was established as a partnership between the Australian government and businesses to drive voluntary climate action. This certification means that by signing up for one of our plans, we’ll offset the carbon emissions generated from your energy usage.

    Frequently asked questions

    Am I eligible?

    To be eligible for this offer you must be a current employee of  ENGIE ANZ – full time, part-time or contractor.

    How does ENGIE ANZ ensure that I am always getting the best ENGIE ANZ staff offer?

    Each year, when regulated prices change, we will review the ENGIE ANZ staff offer to ensure employees receive a 15% discount on our best public offer. 

    I’m currently on an energy plan with a bigger percentage discount – how will I know if this offer is better for me?

    A bigger % discount does not always equate to a better deal. That's why it's important to compare the ENGIE ANZ staff offer with your current energy plan and the underlying tariff rates before signing up.

    How do I compare this offer to my current plan?

    To determine which plan is better for your circumstances, you need to compare your current rate per kWh, daily supply charge and discounts against your daily usage. A bigger % percentage does not always mean cheaper energy.  

    We’ve created an estimator that will help you calculate and compare this offer to your current plan. By following the steps provided, you can compare the rates on offer to help make an informed decision. 


    I’m already on an ENGIE ANZ staff offer. Will I automatically be rolled over onto this new offer?

    You’ll need to sign up and accept the current market terms and conditions for this new offer, so automatic roll over is not possible. Once you sign up, we’ll take care of the rest. 

    Can I opt out at any time?

    Yes, you are always free to leave, and you will not incur a termination fee.

    What happens if I leave ENGIE ANZ?

    You will no longer be eligible to stay on this great offer if you leave the employ of ENGIE ANZ. Once your employment period is complete, we will contact you to discuss what offers you qualify for, how this will transition, and when this change will occur. 

    We also have a regulated Standing Offer available. For more information, call us on 1800 009 141.