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We are committed to improving the understanding of what are often misunderstood rumours. A series of useful links and resources are provided below to give further information about renewable energy, the Hills of Gold Wind Farm and guidelines the project will be required to follow.

We have also included a series of project factsheets, links to relevant reports, frequently asked questions and mythbusters. If you have any other queries, please get in touch with us directly.

Project Factsheets

Project Information and Resources

We’ve put together a series of photo montages, maps and other documents for you to download and view.


ENGIE has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to assist community members with queries regarding the Hills of Gold Wind Farm project.  

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Other Resources

There are a number of useful sources of information on wind farm projects, assessment processes, applicable legislation and guidelines, the renewable energy market, projects and other topics relevant to the Hills of Gold Wind Farm project.

New South Wales Government

A number of regulations, legislation and guidelines relating to wind farm and State Significant Projects is located on NSW government websites, see below:

State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011 – State Significant Development - contains information on State Significant Developments and the legislated policy framework for these projects.

NSW Wind Energy Guidelines - provides the community, industry and regulators with guidance on the planning framework for the assessment of large-scale wind energy development proposals that are State Significant Developments (SSD).

Wind Energy: Noise Assessment Bulletin – contains comprehensive information on the noise assessment process for wind farm project in NSW.

Wind Energy: Visual Assessment Bulletin – contains comprehensive information on the visual impact assessment process for wind farm projects in NSW

The NSW Government’s Major Projects page for the Hills of Gold Wind Farm, including the Preliminary Environmental Assessment and the Secretaries Environmental Assessment Requirements, is located here.

Information on the NSW Government Electricity Strategy is located here.

Information on impacts of wind farms and property values can be found  
Australian Government Department of Energy and Environment

The Hills of Gold Wind Farm project Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act referral can be found on the Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy referrals list here (see Referral Number 8535).

National Wind Farm Commissioner  

The national wind farm commissioner website is a useful resource for communities with concerns about proposed wind farm projects, and includes information on best practice for wind farm developers. See website here.

Clean Energy Council and RE-Alliance

The Clean Energy Council and Australian Wind Alliance provides a number of useful and informative resources to persons interested in renewable energy in Australia.

The Clean Energy Council’s webpage on Wind Technologies and Projects in Australia

The Clean Energy Council’s webpage on Benefit Sharing for Renewable Energy Projects contains significant information on community benefit sharing principles, opportunities and examples.

The Australian Renewable Energy Alliance (RE-Alliance) website contains reports, fact sheets and educational videos on bird life and human health as they relate to wind farms, community engagement benefits, and industry news. See website here.   
The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

AEMO’s Integrated Systems Plan is designed to be a roadmap for Australia’s energy future. The plans are located here