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Hills of Gold Wind Farm

Community Consultative Committee (CCC)

The Hills of Gold Wind Farm Community Consultative Committee

Purpose of the Committee

The purpose of a Community Consultative Committee is to provide a forum for discussion between a proponent and representatives of the community, stakeholder groups and the local council on issues directly relating to a specific State Significant Project.

A Community Consultative Committee is not a decision-making or regulatory body: it performs an advisory and consultative role. Government agencies will remain responsible for ensuring proponents comply with any statutory obligations.

More specifically, the purpose of the Committee is to:

Establish good working relationships and promote information sharing between the proponent, local community, stakeholder groups and councils on individual State Significant Projects;

Allow the proponent to keep the community informed about projects, seek community views on projects, and respond to matters raised by the community; and

Allow community members and local councils to seek information from the proponent and give the proponent feedback on the development and implementation of projects to assist with the delivery of balanced social, environmental and economic outcomes for the community including;

1. The development of new projects or proposed changes to approved projects;

2. The implementation of any conditions of approval and management plans;

3. The results of any monitoring, annual review or independent audits;

4. Community concerns about the project;

5. The resolution of community complaints; and

6. Any community initiatives.


Community Consultative Committee Minutes of Meeting

The Minutes of Meeting, including presentations and exhibit information, are available by clicking on the links below:

Nundle Business, Marketing and Tourism Group Inc Representative Questions and Responses

In the August 2020 CCC meeting, a list of 23 questions relating to the Hills of Gold Wind Farm was presented to the CCC. The questions arise from recent media on the project and cover a range of topics such as the community enhancement fund, traffic and transport, biodiversity and construction related activities.  

We have provided a response to the questions as well as supporting information, which can be found here.  

We would like to thank all community members for their engagement with the project, it has provided us with the opportunity to address questions related to the project through our ongoing consultation.  

Should you wish to speak to us about any of the responses to these questions or on other matters relating to the project, please contact Jamie Chivers on 0423 336 345 or email: [email protected].

Hills of Gold Preservation Inc Questions and Responses

In the September 2019 CCC meeting, a list of 49 questions relating to the Hills of Gold Wind Farm development were presented by a member of the CCC. The questions cover a broad range of topics commonly raised by members of the Hanging Rock, Nundle and Crawney communities, and include issues relating to traffic impacts and road maintenance, the Community Enhancement Fund, biodiversity values of the location of the proposed wind farm, and the management of water resources, amongst many others.

As it is our commitment to continue to provide up-to-date information on the project and respond to concerns raised by the community, our responses to these questions and supporting information are listed here.

We wish to take the opportunity to thank all members of the community for their ongoing contribution and feedback. This enables us to focus our efforts and attention on the most important issues and concerns to the local community and stakeholder groups, as we continue to undertake our social, environmental, technical and economic studies and progress through the design optimisation phase of the project.

Should you wish to speak to us about any of the responses to these questions or on other matters relating to the project, please call Jamie Chivers on 0423 336 345 or email him at [email protected].


Important Documents

NSW Guidelines - Community Consultative Committees

Code of Conduct Agreement