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Billing and payments

Is your bill higher than expected? 

Like many things, your energy bills can have ups and downs. If you’ve received a higher-than-usual bill, our troubleshooting checklist can help you understand why your bill has changed. 

The 5-point bill check

Bill dates

Check the billing period

Your bill may be higher if the billing period has more days than usual. The ‘understand your bill’ section on page 2 will tell you how many bill days are included, and the dates it covers. Compare the bill days against your last bill to check.

Learn about billing cycles
meter type

Is your bill from an Actual read, or an Estimate read?

Check the ‘Meter Read Type’ on page 2 of your bill. An actual read  means real usage data from your meter was used to calculate your bill. An estimated read’ usually happens when we couldn’t access your meter. Your bill will be adjusted once an actual read or self meter read has been submitted. 

Learn about meter reads
Energy Use

Check your daily energy use

Your average daily use (in ‘Consumption profile’) tells you how much energy you’re using each day. How does it compare to the same time last year? 

Learn about tracking usage


Your average daily use (in ‘Consumption profile’) tells you how much energy you’re using each day. How does it compare to the same time last year? 

Learn about concessions
meter number

Check the meter number

Check that the meter number listed in the ‘Understand your bill’ section matches the one on the front of your meter. If it doesn’t match, contact us. 

Learn about reading meters


Upsizing your home or business can mean bigger bills. 

You’ve grown

Have you welcomed a new baby, housemate or pet? Have older kids returned to the nest? More under your roof can mean higher energy use.  


Have you recently renovated or extended your home? Upgrades can be a drain on power. 

New gadgets

Have you splashed out on the latest home comforts? Replacing or installing extra appliances or heating and cooling systems can increase usage. 

Staying in

Have you been enjoying the 'great indoors' recently? Spending time at home or at work can mean spending more on energy. 

Have energy prices increased?

We try to minimise the impact of wholesale energy price fluctuations on our customers; however, from time to time, we need to update our rates to align with market changes. We’ll always let you know about any changes to rates and pricing to avoid any not-so-pleasant surprises. Here are the charges that could impact your bill. 

Energy rates and pricing

Our energy factsheets outline what you’re paying per kWh for your energy. If the price per kWh has recently increased, this may be reflected in a higher-than-normal energy bill.  

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Supply service charges

Supply charges (or network fees) are charged by your distributor and cover the cost of building and maintaining the poles and wires that deliver electricity to your home. 

Solar feed-in tariffs

If you have solar panels, feed-in tariffs are payments you receive for any extra solar energy you generate that goes back into the electricity grid. If you’ve used more power than usual or weather conditions have reduced your generation, it could affect your energy bill.  

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Other fees

These include connection or disconnection fees and charges or payment fees for using certain payment types. 

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Payment support is available

When the unexpected happens and you're finding it hard to pay your energy bills, we can help you with tailored payments options.

Extensions and plans

We can offer one-off bill extensions and payment plans.

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Do you qualify for government concessions, discounts, grants or rebates?

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Financial hardship

We can offer support with ongoing financial difficulties and hardship.

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Get control of your energy

Manage your account

Check your usage, pay bills, update details and manage your account online. 

Manage your account

Sign up for Tracker

Get personalised insights delivered to your inbox to help you monitor electricity usage, set budgets and preview your bill. 

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